Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Best By Dating On Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Freshly Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (
Right out of the press
Dating on olive oil: The perfect time to consume extra virgin olive oil is directly from the press at the time
of pressing. At that point the oil has 100% of everything nature could provide.
After that, olive oil begins to slowly lose some of its vitality. Have you ever noticed that high quality olive oil has a best by date on it, and the grocery store variety does not?
That is because they don’t want you to know how old the oil is (one year, two years, five years?).
It is not a problem if you intend to saute or bake with it, but it becomes problematic when you want to use it for dipping, or salads, or as finishing oil over vegetables.
Face it—common grocery store olive oil tastes flat and lacks depth.
Now back to best by dates: olive oil begins to lose vitality once it is bottled, generally speaking 18 months after bottling, the oil is no longer at its very peak.
Here is the point of these ramblings; occasionally in our enthusiasm for a great extra virgin olive oil, we buy too much, and 18 months later we have a dilemma.
Oil that is still great and certainly better then the common garden variety you can expect at the grocery store. Unfortunately for us, we can no longer, in good conscience, represent this oil as being in its original peak condition. In our minds it has now become some of the finest cooking, all purpose olive oil in the world.
Long story short: we are selling this oil at the same price you might find at your local grocery store, $10.00 per bottle!
The producers may vary, but the quality will be excellent and well worth your consideration.
As always, Avanti Savoia stands behind everything we sell with a 100% money back guarantee.

Try for yourself and see the difference.


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  1. All Purpose Olive Oil5 stars
    Review Date: 05/05/2013; By: Justin (Raytown, MO )
    We are continually surprised and impressed with the quality of this Oil. We have never received a bottle that does not have the wonderful smell of good quality Oil.
  2. Very satisfied with purchase!!!5 stars
    Review Date: 12/24/2012; By: Sarah(Seattle, WA )
    This stuff is great! Perfect mild flavor, BIG bottle, great value, and the dispenser at top prevents the oil from spilling down the outside of the bottle. Really happy I got this!
  3. cooking olive oil5 stars
    Review Date: 06/29/2011; By: Deborah (Arlington, VT )
    Excellent !!!! I use it for everything. The quality and performance goes along way. Deborah Weiler, Vermont
  4. A staple in our house5 stars
    Review Date: 11/18/2010; By: Janice ( Knoxville, TN )
    So much better than what can be found in local grocery store - at about the same price! Excellent ITALIAN extra virgin olive oil.
  5. Cooking/All Purpose Olive Oil5 stars
    Review Date: 11/08/2010; By: GREGG (CLEVELAND, OH )
  6. Cooking/All Purpose Olive Oil4 stars
    Review Date: 01/18/2010; By: ( Indianapolis, IN )
    Love your oils, although a little more expensive than what I can get in stores.
  7. Cooking/All Purpose Olive Oil5 stars
    Review Date: 01/09/2010; By: Helen (Watertown, WI )
    Very nice,makes for a very good cooking oil.
  8. Cooking/All Purpose Olive Oil5 stars
    Review Date: 12/15/2009; By: TIMOTHY (OCEAN CITY, NJ )
  9. cooking olive oil5 stars
    Review Date: 10/16/2009; By: Kathryn Johnson (Charlotte, NC )
    Improves quality of my cooking
  10. Best value for the $4 stars
    Review Date: 07/19/2009; By: Theresa (Warren, PA )
    I cook only with olive oil, and have found this oil to be the best flavor and quality for the money, better than any I could find at grocery or specialty cooking stores. I buy 3-5 at a time when it's available and use it for salad dressings, cooking, and baking (I bake all of our daily bread).
  11. Cooking/All Purpose Olive Oil5 stars
    Review Date: 05/17/2009; By: Louis (Stroudsburg, PA )
    I have ordered this several times and have been very happy with the products each time
  12. Best of Both Worlds5 stars
    Review Date: 03/16/2009; By: Ben ( Knoxville, TN )
    This is such a great value. Perfect for all my olive oil needs, but because it is a bit mature there is no need to feel like I need to use sparingly. This is always in my pantry.
  13. All Purpose Olive Oil5 stars
    Review Date: 02/24/2009; By: Annabel (New York, NY )
    Excellent quality and taste, especially for the price.
  14. Perfect for everyday use5 stars
    Review Date: 02/07/2009; By: Sean (Dayton, OH )
    This olive oil is just what we were looking for in an everyday cooking olive oil. We have ordered six bottles so far and have had nothing but positive experiences with it. Bon Appetit!

Try for yourself and see the difference.

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