Monday, June 15, 2009


June 21st
It is also time to be thinking about the next popular celebration on the horizon, Father’s Day. The first recorded observation of an American Father’s Day occurred on June 19, 1910. But it was left to then President Richard Nixon to establish our permanent observation of Father’s Day on the 3rd Sunday in June.

Those… that… contributed to the quality of our lives
We think that it is a great idea to acknowledge not only our Fathers, but also those Father figures that mentored us and contributed to the quality of our lives. This is easy enough to do with a simple greeting or the ubiquitous humorous card. Father’s day present giving offers opportunities, both simple and complex.

Gift giving is different at Dad’s different ages
Certainly, gift giving is different at Dad’s different ages and the family’s different stages.
Mangled breakfast in bed and crayon scrawled cards are just fine for young families. Teens probably will focus on gifts pertaining to Dad’s sporting interests and hobbies (like cooking, for instance). However as Dads age and find themselves in the categories of Grand Dads or even Great grand Dads, I think it is fair to note that the game plan can change.

I hate breakfast in bed
I know that in truth, I hate breakfast in bed and I darn sure don’t want more things to clutter up my house and require some kind of care. Cards are just fine, thank you, but the kinds of gifts that I really enjoy now are items that I can consume or immediately use. Like many guys, when I want a new tool or toy, I just go out and buy it. This being said, gift cards at home improvement centers, hardware store or specialty stores are gifts that I really enjoy and will use. (Also, very easy for the giver)!

A first rate dinner for the big guy
Even though eating any food in bed is not my cup of tea, having someone cook for me definitely rings my chimes. This Father’s Day at Avanti Savoia, we thought we would assemble a reasonably priced collection of our products that would make it very easy to “stir up” a first rate dinner for the big guy. Here are a few ideas and Avanti products that could be appropriate for any aged giver or receiver. Preparing our menu is very “kid friendly” and as viable for a beginning family as it is for a romantic occasion for empty nesters. Check this out.


Starter: Our savory Onion Cracker (Le Schiacciatine Cipolla) spread with a little goat cheese (Chevre) or cream cheese and topped with our Low Country Garlic Pepper Jelly.

Main: Savoia Egg Fettuccine, (delicious and fast cooking) served with Low Country Tomato Sauce, sautéed Italian sausage and finished with a little shaved Parmesan Reggiano.

Dessert: Creamy Chocolate Brownies using our brand new product, Alchemy Spice Brownie Mix. Add to that a steaming cup of high quality 100% Certified Bolivian or Mexican Coffee from another of our new suppliers, Café Femenino. This is a unique coffee company that benefits women coffee producers. Your purchase helps enable these producers “achieve empowerment, build social and support networks while earning incomes.”

You can get this recipe along with our products from our recipe section. Go to Recipe

Everybody wins
Everybody wins and all that you have to supply from your grocery store is the Chevre or cream cheese, Italian sausage, Parmesan, 1 stick of butter and 2 eggs. Our Super –Duper Dad’s day Special includes all the rest. Our very best Avanti Savoia wishes for a super- duper Father’s Day!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Great Quality and Value for You!

Old school personal service
Avanti Savoia is celebrating our third Anniversary and we invite you to join the party. A good party it has been too, but it is only going to get better. Avanti Savoia is (and will continue to be) about authentic quality and old school personal service. From the beginning we have always been passionate about our company. We hope this passion comes through in our personal enthusiasm for our great products. “If we won’t put it on our table, we’ll never ask you to put it on yours.” We are also deeply committed to bring to your table the value and savings that are so absolutely essential in our present economy.

The most competitive prices
We love being your gourmet internet market, but we want to be more. By offering fantastic savings on fantastic products, we are striving to be your everyday online source for true culinary gems. It is our goal to provide carefully selected products that reflect the highest quality with the most competitive prices on the internet or even at your neighborhood grocery store. “Providing Affordable Luxury” is not just an empty marketing ploy. It is a real expression of our philosophy and our mission.

Something exciting about just walking in our door
Working in the office and warehouse of Avanti Savoia often brings to mind images of the old spice and trade caravans. The atmosphere is rich with the aroma of truffles, herbs, spices, coffees and a subtle mélange of dozens of other delights. There is something exciting about just walking in our door.

Beside the expected examples of modern communication technology, stacks of notes, cookbooks and other reference material, our desks and office tables always seem to have “samples.” Truly samples of “Culinary Treasures from Around the World.”

What exotic flavors will a new day bring?
The tasting of a potential new product is a fun and educational experience for us all at Avanti. Who knows what exotic flavors a new day will bring? It might be a new honey from Hawaii or an excellent coffee from a regional roaster. Maybe it will be a rich new chocolate from a supplier in Europe or South America.

Not quite as formal as a wine tasting
Although our regular tastings are not quite as formal as a wine tasting, they do share some similar techniques. We all silently nibble or sip the particular product to be tasted, ponder it a bit and then each of us express our opinions. More often than not we are in complete agreement, but always learning from the other’s perceptions. It always takes a strong consensus of approval for a new product to be added to the Avanti Savoia “family.”

Restaurants, wineries, farms and markets all across Italy
We’ve told the story of our Avanti family before, but it still remains a good story. Avanti Savoia’s founding partners, Doug Slocum and Vito De Carolis have known each other for almost 20 years. First, as associates in the global stone industry, then as good friends visiting and sampling unique specialties at restaurants, wineries, farms and markets all across Italy.

Impressive knowledge
Doug became intrigued with “all these marvelous foods and tastes that just weren’t available here.” He says, “the idea came that we would start a business bringing very high-quality gourmet, limited-edition type foods to the US as an internet company.” Turin native, Vito De Carolis was “a natural partner” with his extensive experience traveling the world and his impressive knowledge of cooking and food.

Armed with a new MBA, Doug’s son Ben Slocum became president of our company. His expertise in business matters and the world of cyber space is vital to the daily operations of Avanti Savoia. Ben also has had a golden opportunity to develop a world class palate that is certainly unique in the world of business. A chance meeting introduced the trio to me, Joseph Lowery. Doug calls it “serendipity,” I call it an ideal job for an experienced chef that loves to taste, cook, write (and express opinions).

As much culinary, nutritional and life style information as possible
Avanti Savoia is striving to provide you with as much culinary, nutritional and life style information as possible through Our Blog, Don Vito’s Forum, and two new useful features on our website. Visit our Recipes and Cooking Section for an amazing collection of hundreds of recipes that continues to grow daily. Our customers and readers can even post instructions for their own favorite dishes. We are also proud of our new feature entitled Health and Nutrition, with informative articles written by our own Registered Dietitian, Merry Thomas M.S. R.D. L.D.

Convenient … to combat hunger
We are also well aware that all pantries are not as well stocked as ours. We address this problem by providing a page entitled, Feed the Hungry. This is a feature that makes it convenient when placing an order, to also be able to make a donation locally, nationally or globally to combat hunger.

Avanti Savoia: passion for authentic quality, personal service, information, education and value and savings.

Thanks for coming to our party!